Balo Malaysia

Julie Das is our coordinator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Julie is French, works as a teacher and supports Balò with all her heart since 2009. She lived 2 years in Calcutta and is very close to India because her husband and his family are originally from Calcutta.

Julie explains her mission in Malaysia in these terms: “My goal here is to find dedicated and engaged individual sponsors, or even companies, that can support a child’s education in the long term. Ideally a child should have the same sponsor throughout the course of his education to feel safe and cared for. Together with a team of volunteers, I create and coordinate annual events to raise funds and bring sponsors together. Balò is a small yet warm and cozy family of passionate individuals who want to give love, care and happiness to the disadvantaged children of Calcutta. The events run in Kuala Lumpur range from small fashion shows to school activities, gala dinners with entertainment programs or even bazaar sales. What matters though is to come together for a common cause and make Balò a sustainable social project for our 270 students.

What I notice always is that Balò students are always eager to have foreign visitors that open up their horizons. Thats why it is important to make the effort to travel to Calcutta with the sponsors in order to share a joyful moment with the children and make a difference in their daily life.
Balò school is special to me. The children are well-rounded, confident individuals! They engage in singing and performing arts, they are creative and physically active. They are simply contagiously enthusiastic and I feel blesses to have them in my life…
A special thank you to all our KL based local and expats supporters.”

For more information on how to support Balo in South East Asia, please contact me via email: