Food distribution for daily wage earners

The time is very thought worldwide but in India the precautions against the pandemic virus have terrible side effects for the poor who are at hunger risk.

Balò has started food distribution for about 50 families which are daily wage earners. They cannot work because of the lockdown. With no other source of income these people are being forced into starvation.

Dev and Tanvi class 10 students in Kolkata, same age as some of our students, decided to help Balo with a fund raising campaign for these families.

Dev says: I have visited Balo several times and learnt a lot from going there. It really opened my eyes to another part of my city and the conditions in which people live in. When I heard about the dire situation arising due to the Covid- 19 virus I wanted to help. So I started a whatsapp campaign to raise funds for providing food packs for the daily wage earners.

Tanvi says: Our world as we knew it suddenly changed with Covid 19. Uncertainty prevails. When my friend Dev Thomas approached me about Balo, I wanted to try and help in whatever capacity I could. I activated my network of friends and family to contribute to Balo’s effort of feeding families of daily wage earners.

Thanks Dev and Tanvi for your help.