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BALOSOCIALBRAND, fashion that makes a difference. Fusion garments created in a slum in Kolkata

Balosocialbrand gives a good feeling to the person who wears the unique hand-made garment, created with carefully chosen, hand-picked materials, which combined together, give rise to unique, easy to wear, timeless garments. The models have focus to detail and are the fusion of styles that carry us to far away lands and that have a strong reference to contemporary times. Wearing these clothes is like undertaking a long journey. FUSION CLOTHES.

The idea behind BALOSOCIALBRAND is that of the absence of time. There is no reference to age for those who wear these clothes, they are timeless because they never go out of fashion and often have no connection to season because the same garment can be worn in various moments of the year. TEMPORAL FLUIDITY.

Balosocialbrand is good especially for the people who make them, young women who live in one of the most highly populated areas of the world, extremely degraded, with very few rights, with many often overshelming duties and no freedom of speech, who thanks to this profession, fairly remunerated and in working conditions that take into account their needs, manage to break free and to make their voice heard. SOCIAL REDEMPTION.

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