Buying products made in our tailoring section - clothing, objects, small accessories - is one of the ways to support us. These are unique pieces, as precious as the financial contribution they generate for the project.

The story of our products

Each piece is unique, handmade and authentic, the result of careful research of materials and lines. The style blends Indian styles, where the clothes are created in a traditional way and with great attention to detail, with other Asian influences. Particular attention is paid to a comfortable fit. The pieces are the result of the dedication of those who reflect on and design our products and the skilful hands of those who make them. The purchase of each creation of Balò Social Brand gives the purchaser the opportunity to “ wear a journey”. In addition, this purchase helps the person who has patiently sewing it with care and love, to live a dignified life and to become more self-confident.

It will soon be possible to buy directly online.