Sponsorship allows donors

  • to help a child within his family and community without removing him from his roots
  • to consider recipients as individuals, each with unique needs
  • to engage continuously with an individual child

When you sponsor a child or a child with Balò, provide for his essential needs such as education, medical care and food.

We will keep you informed annually on the progress of the girl or boy adopted, but you can contact us at any time to get news and if you want you can come and visit Calcutta. The purpose of all we do together is to try to improve the child’s living conditions in order to break the cycle of poverty.
With € 250.00 per year you will help the child and his community improve their lives.

Now Balò helps 200 children. We are small but we are like a big family that supports its members. All the staff who work for us come from the same shanty town where children come from and know their needs very well and how to intervene. Our staff – teachers, cooks and caretakers have been working with us for years.

In Balò, we are very attentive to the nature of the child, to his happiness and we teach him gratitude and respect for others. We offer him a safe and loving place to study and become capable and ready to face life.

€ 250.00 per year: less than 0.69 cents per day

This type of assistance allows the child to receive a school education which is a basic condition for building a future. Sponsorship makes it possible to provide the cost of fees, books, notebooks, uniforms, transport if necessary and afternoon study activities that aim to help children with their homework, but also to take them away from the dangers of life on the streets.

Bank transfer in favor of:
Via Filippo Re, 97 – 47522 CESENA (FC)
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Crédit Agricole – Cesena Ag. 4
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