Food aid Project

Food at School

More than 200 daily meals are prepared by the kitchen staff of the Balò school for the children and for the staff of the school. All children eat at school every day. They are given a hot meal prepared in the kitchen that is inside the school. In preparing these meals, special attention is paid to enriching the food with vitamins and proteins that children would otherwise not consume as the food they normally have outside Balò is composed only of rice and potatoes.

Food support for families

With food support for families, food is provided for families who, because of low wages and the constant increase in prices, cannot buy enough food for the whole month. The project is mainly aimed at families made up of elderly people who do not have other help and for families with handicapped children. The amount of food support is based on the needs of each recipient family. The monthly provision of rice, lentils, eggs is in accordance with the needs of each family.