Work as a volunteer

The words of Dana, an Australian volunteer: “A life changing experience”.

You can devote your time and your knowledge, collaborating with Balò in Italy for fundraising or organizing solidarity events. You can come to Calcutta and experience the unique experience of being part of our activities.
Live with the children sharing their days and their difficulties. You will be able to teach them your knowledge by giving them the chance to meet different people.
Duration: We recommend for a first experience a stay time of at least one week up to a maximum of one month.

The personality profile that adapts to the reality of Balò is that of a person with adaptability, ability to observe and listen and make himself available. At least a basic knowledge of English is certainly a help both to interact with children but also with local staff. Ability to carry out activities of different types such as teaching, music, sport, drawing, DIY are well received by the children. Contact us for a chat and to get all the information.

Costs: travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the volunteer. Meals during working hours are provided by the association. As for accommodation, we provide the necessary information to find suitable accommodations for all budgets.